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Fresh Trends is among the popular and recognized companies in the line of body jewelry and fashion accessory industry. The company aims to provide their customers with a large online collection of body jewelries to suit one’s needs and desires. It updates its inventory with a new selection of fine jewelry, rings, earrings and bracelets. Fresh Trends puts an emphasis on great quality, good selection and reasonable prices. Through the years, Fresh Trends’ goal has been to look for fresh and innovative designs that could be given to customers at the lowest price possible.

Their selection of body jewelry includes:

Their accessory line includes 14K earrings, bracelets, toe rings and rings. These accessories have been designed in such a way that you can also use them as helix earrings, tongue rings and belly rings.

FreshTrends: What makes it different?

Fresh Trends has competitors in this line of business. However, they manage to stay distinct and different. Below is some information about what separates them from other body jewelry stores online.

  • Fresh Trends has been operating as an online body jewelry shop since 2003. The long years of service to their customers have made them one of the most recognized names in this industry.
  • They are a proud authorized distributor of Diablo Organics products and have the complete collection available at their site.
  • They have over 20,000 jewelry and accessories in their site which assures their customers that there is something for every style and budget. They also update their inventory each year so that customers can check back often to look for the jewelry that they need.
  • All of the materials they use for their jewelry are approved by the APP, the leading authority for quality control in piercing jewelry. Among the materials used are .925 Sterling silver, 14K gold, G23 titanium and 316L surgical steel.
  • They also have a selection of organic jewelry made from buffalo horn and bone, exotic Indonesian woods, semi-precious and precious stones, shell, ivory and many more.
  • They have a team of in house jewelers that are ready to cater to every custom jewelry need of their customers.
FreshTrends vs. primary competitors (sites similar to FreshTrends)

Two of Fresh Trends toughest competitors are Hollywood Body Jewelry and Body Jewelry. Wholesale body jewelry and bulk pack jewelry are available at Hollywood Body Jewelry. They also have spikes steel jewelry, and earring, toe ring and leather goods. In addition, they have materials for display and packaging. Body jewelry, another competitor, has belly rings, tongue or industrial barbell, ear plugs or gauges, tragus earrings, nose rings, nipple shield or rings, titanium, gold, and 316L body jewelry and many more.

Customers can avail of the free shipping offer of Fresh Trends simply by spending $19.99 on orders and selecting the free shipping option during checkout. Fresh Trends uses USPS First Class Mail for all free shipping packages. It will take 2 to 5 business days for the items to arrive. At present, they do not offer free international shipping, but international shipping rates are posted at their site. Hollywood Body Jewelry charges for shipping depending on the amount and weight of the order made. Free shipping can be availed when the purchase is more than $300. Shipments are delivered through UPS ground. They also offer international shipping. Body Jewelry offers free shipping for orders more than $19.99 as well. USPS standard delivery is used for free shipping. For other shipping options, the rates depend on the shipping method and shipping time.

Fresh Trends accept returns within 365 days of the purchase date through their 100% guarantee assurance. The returns must be unused and must be in their original tamper-proof sealed packaging. Hollywood Body Jewelry accepts returns only within 7 days from the date of purchase and the return must be complete with a Return Merchandise Authorization number and a return and exchange form. Body Jewelry accepts returns as long as the Return Authorization form is filled up and their instructions are followed correctly. A $3.99 shipping and handling charge may apply.

Payments can be made through major credit cards and PayPal for Fresh Trends and its competitors. In addition, customers can also use the Google Checkout for Fresh Trends.

FreshTrends: Pricing & packages

A comparison between the prices that Fresh Trends and its competitors have listed is discussed below. Similar products are priced more or less the same, with only a few difference. Hollywood Body Jewelry, however, only posts prices when the customer has logged in.

The Pink Swirling Steel CZ Reverse Dangle Belly Button Ring Shield is priced $9.99 at Fresh Trends. Similar dangle belly button rings are also priced the same at Body Jewelry. The Rope Bangle Stainless Steel bracelet is sold at $14.99 at Fresh Trends while a Basic Steel Spiked Bracelet is sold at $16.99 at Body Jewelry. Comparing the prices of these bracelets, it is certain that aside from good quality, Fresh Trends also tries to give a more reasonable price as possible. The Omega Men’s stainless steel puzzle ring is priced $3.60 at Fresh Trends while the Sterling Silver simple wave design finger ring is priced $18.99 at Body Jewelry.

FreshTrends: Product images & screenshots
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FreshTrends: Customer reviews & comments

Customers have shared their views and feedbacks on Fresh Trends and the items they have listed. One customer posted her opinion about the clear.925 sterling silver 5 gem cartilage piercing earring priced at $11.50. She said, “My hubby ordered this earring as an anniversary gift and I must say it was perfect. It fits the curve of the ear perfectly. It’s not overstated and goes with anything. I work in an office that "frowns" on extra piercings, but I have received so many compliments on this earring from the staffing there. I recommend it. You can't go wrong!”

Another customer posted his feedback on the 1.5 mm real diamond 14kt white gold jewel nose ring twist/screw which was sold at $28.99. He stated, “I ordered this nose ring for my girlfriend, and she absolutely loves it. The diamond is pretty small, but she says she would rather have a small jewel than a huge fake crystal (like the $3 Wal-Mart jewelry in her nose). The diamond does not sparkle as though I thought, but that's fine I guess. All in all, a wonderful gift for a loved one!”

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Comments (4)

I order online alot, and this was by far the worst experience I have ever encountered! The order took weeks to come and then it came to me broken. I called customer service and they handled the return well, however they did not communicate the process to me, so after weeks of waiting I finally called and asked to speak with a manager. I told her her how unhappy I was to have to wait so long, to which she didn't say much but sorry..... I was never informed that they had shipped out the new product to me. I called to see if they received the return and they said it was being processed and they would contact me.Online it says they will issue a store credit, but much to my surprise they just sent me the replacement product. Their poor communication skills as well as the quality of their products for the price paid needs major improvements. Needless to say I will never order from them again and I hope this review helps others on the fence about whether to order from them or not.... overall not worth the headache or money! 

I buy from FreshTrends all the time. Their plugs are awesome. I also have my belly and my nose pierced. I only wear gold, so I can safely say that their gold jewelry is by far the best quality, you can tell that it's not mass produced like in other places. I read that they custom make your gold jewelry so that;s why it takes a bit longer for gold jewelry to arrive. Other than that i've always had pleasant experiences with them and even with their customer service. I defintely recommend this store!
I ordered over two weeks ago and still have not received my items.
They're horrible!!! I thought I would give them another chance even after my first horrible experience, and yet again they screwed up! I placed an order on the 18 and still haven't received it, I emailed customer service  (since that's the only way I ever get a response) they had the never to have me confirm my address and then just barely sent it out the day I said something! Such bull crap, my address has been the same and I've ordered from there before, so I know this is information they already have since I placed another order. I called and tried to get it pushed to priority mail, sent me to voice mail and still haven't heard anything back! Will not be buy it from these incompetent people again
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